What Are Different Promotions Available At Ufabet?

There are very interesting promotions of ufabet and you can receive a free credit which allows going online for football betting.

 The Type Of Promotions?

All the gamblers that have become the members of Ufabet website see that there are a lot of promotions in order to appease the gamblers. In order to boost morale and to encourage online football betting with Ufabet, they use the following promotions.

  1. Loss insurance promotion – All the gamblers who bet online with Ufabet and they suffer a loss then the website has organized a promotion that helps to return the loss to the gambler too. In this case the gambler must have a loss of 4000 baht or more for him/her to receive a refund of 5% loss insurance, which will then be paid back every day the lottery gets issued i.e. 15 days, pay 1 time.
  2. Refer a friend – If the gambler recommends some friend about the website then there is some deposit to join in the fun of football betting. You will be up for receiving a bonus for referring it to your friends, bonus up to 20% up to 500 baht. If you choose to refer to 5 friends to apply for the membership then you will also receive a free football shirt.
  3. Deposit promotion – Players who choose to deposit money in order to bet online with Ufabet website, can receive 2 football shirts every month or they  can be exchanged for 300 baht cash, the only thing is that the user must have a deposit. The first player should have a total deposit of some 1000 baht and the second player must have it for 2000 baht in order to receive this promotion.
  4. Promoting football betting steps into each pair – If the gambler bets on every pair of correct football steps then he/she will get full prize money as per below-

Get it all, either get some additional 300 baht or you can choose to get one premium football shirt.

Get additional 1000 baht

Get additional 3000 baht

Get additional 5000 baht

  1. Promotion step is dead.

If all the 5 guesses are wrong, you get 1000 baht.

Guess the 7 pairs wrongly and you can get 3000 baht

Guess the 7 pairs wrongly and you can get 5000 baht

Guess the 8 pairs wrongly and you can get 10000 baht

If all guesses are wrong i.e. 9 to 10 pairs then you get 15000 baht

If all guesses are wrong i.e. 11 to 12 pairs then you get 20000 baht

  1. Promotion, one fixed step – The following are considered-

One death leads to one return

One death leads to double return

One death leads to thrice the return

One die leads to four time returns

One die leads to five time returns

One die leads to six time returns

All these are the promotions that Ufabet offers and are undoubtedly attention retaining. They are liked by the users and that is why the users of the website are increasing every day.